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I like to celebrate peoples passions and laugh with them. I want to show things that people have not seen before. Above all I want to tell the truth with my work; even if that means holding a mirror up to reality, in a kind, comedic fashion. 

My films are well told and executed, with a light touch but always technically sound. I am fastidious and enthusiastic in my approach. 

I make documentaries and comedies as well as luxury and fashion films.

I live in Surbiton with my wonderful wife. I love food, eating and cooking it. I enjoy gardening; Gardener’s World is currently my favourite tv show. My favourite joke is the one about St Peter and the fridge but my brother tells a pretty good story about Barrowlands. I once drove a vintage car across West Africa. One day I will learn to fly (a plane).  

Photo: Tom Shaw 2017